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EVERY damn Sooric moment in last nights episode. 

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FYI: The True Blood finale is less disappointing when you watch it the second time.

If I ever master the courage to watch it the second time … is there something…

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Google the reaction to the season 2 finale.  It had way more than 25 WTF moments.  No sense.  This show has history…a long one.  That’s why so many viewers bailed after season 4.  We’d been watching since 2008.  

Writing, meet wall.

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And as for people losing their shit over Eric, he’s clearly not fucking dead


He’s dead.

Zed’s dead, baby.  Zed’s dead.

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It’s the end of the line, Team Eric.  The final post.

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This is a post about some things I’m seeing regarding the reaction to the ending of Dead Ever After.

I’m tired of the small minority that are belittling the MANY that are upset’s POV, and they are truly missing the point of why most people are upset, so I thought I’d spell it out VERY clearly.

Spoilers below.

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So yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

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Had a thought on who people who are feeling upset/hurt/mad you name it over the DEA spoilers and how they can channel that into a force for good. Take the $ you would have spent on the book (if you cancelled your pre-oder only..NOT saying you should cancel it..only if you already cancelled it) and…

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Calvin Klein Spring Campaign 2013 ~ Alexander Skarsgard

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Vikings opening sequence (x)

(first scripted TV series on History Channel that starts 3.03.2013)

Can’t wait.

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